About the Welsey Fellowship at GVSU

What is Wesley Fellowship?

The Wesley Fellowship at Grand Valley offers a place where students can learn about and follow Jesus Christ in a non-judgmental, inclusive, and open environment. We help students learn how their faith connects to the rest of their lives- their career choices and their social justice concerns. We offer thoughtful Bible study, spiritual formation, and opportunities to put one's faith into action. Absolutely everyone is welcome!

Our Director

Nancy Janisch was hired August 2017 as Interim Wesley Fellowship at GVSU director.
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Our Leadership

The Wesley Fellowship at GVSU could not exist without the effort of our Board of Directors and student leadership. Take a minute to meet some of them and learn a little about them.
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Our Heritage

What does it mean to be United Methodist-related? How are the Wesley Fellowship and the United Methodist Church related? Learn about the past and present of the Wesley Fellowship and the United Methodist Church that supports it
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